Zü•rich \ˈts-riḵ\

Canton, Switzerland. See table at switzerland.


City, its ✽, at foot of Alps on Limmat River at NW end of Zürichsee 60 mi. (97 km.) NE of Bern; pop. (2002e) 363,300; center of finance and manufacturing; tourism; railway center; among its buildings are three medieval churches (Grossmünster, Fraumünster, and St. Peter's), numerous restored houses, and a town hall; university (founded 1833), and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (founded mid-19th cent.); museums; botanical and zoological gardens.


Occupied first by prehistoric lake dwellers and later by the Helvetii before Roman occupation c. 58 b.c.; subsequently held by the Alamanni, followed by the Franks; became free imperial city 1218; joined Swiss Confederation 1351; became center of Swiss Reformation under leadership of Huldrych Zwingli 16th cent.; scene of Austrian victory over French, and later of French victory over Russians 1799; place where treaty ending Franco-Italian war against Austria was concluded 1859.